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From ProPresenter to Lighting: Stream Deck Real World Behind the Scenes Walk-Through

Maximizing Worship Production with a Stream Deck: A Comprehensive Guide

In the dynamic environment of church worship production, the integration of various technological elements is key to a seamless service. At the forefront of this integration is the Stream Deck, a versatile tool that has revolutionized the way we manage and execute production tasks. This article delves into the practical application of the Stream Deck in a church setting, highlighting its capabilities to control a wide range of equipment including ProPresenter, Blackmagic video switchers and hubs, GrandMA lighting consoles, MadMapper for lighting pixels, and even the Behringer Wing soundboard.

The Stream Deck at Work

Located at the heart of the front-of-house setup, the Stream Deck, connected to a Mac Mini, serves as the central control unit. The setup is designed to manage a plethora of tasks across various devices. With the aid of Bit Focus Companion software, the Stream Deck interfaces with multiple ProPresenter instances, ATM video switchers, video hubs, lighting consoles, and incorporates OSC commands for additional controls.

Stream Deck Configuration

The Stream Deck is organized into several pages, each dedicated to a specific aspect of production:

  • ProPresenter Control: This page offers backup and override controls for video cues, slide clearing, and graphic displays, ensuring a smooth visual presentation.
  • Lighting Management: Pages dedicated to the GrandMA lighting console allow for quick access to preset lighting scenes, offering manual override capabilities when necessary.
  • Video Switching: Separate pages for hard cuts and fades provide the flexibility to manage camera feeds and multimedia displays efficiently, with feedback indicators showing the active input.
  • Special Event Configuration: For events requiring a single operator, specific pages are set up to sequence actions across different platforms, ensuring the operator can manage the entire production from one place.

Real-World Application

A practical example of the Stream Deck’s utility is seen during a typical Sunday setup, where it seamlessly controls the narrative from walk-ins to service conclusions. For special events like VBS (Vacation Bible School), the Stream Deck proves invaluable, allowing a single operator to cue walk-in lights, countdown videos, propresenter slides, and manage lighting scenes, all with the press of a button.


The Stream Deck transcends being just a piece of hardware; it’s a pivotal element in the orchestration of church services, marrying simplicity with functionality. Its ability to adapt to various production needs, from the routine to the extraordinary, underscores its indispensable role in modern worship settings.

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