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Pixel Lighting: Walk-Through of My Stage Design Setup with Pixels and Madmapper

Revolutionizing Stage Design with Pixel Lighting: A Deep Dive into Holidaycoro Pixels and MadMapper Integration

In an era where stage design transcends traditional boundaries, integrating cutting-edge technology becomes pivotal for creating immersive experiences. One such innovation is the use of pixel lighting, a technique that not only enhances the visual appeal of a stage but also offers unparalleled flexibility in design and control. This article explores the integration of pixel lights from Holidaycoro.com with MadMapper software, showcasing a real-world application at a church stage to illuminate the potential of these technologies in revolutionizing stage aesthetics.

The Backbone of Pixel Lighting

At the heart of this setup are the pixel light panels, meticulously assembled with precision-drilled holes on wooden boards using a CNC machine. Each hole houses a pixel from Holidaycoro.com, known for their DMX controllability and RGB full control, offering a kaleidoscope of colors at the user’s fingertips. The system is powered by Holidaycoro.com’s Alpha Pix brain unit, a central hub that manages the outputs to the pixels and facilitates long-range DMX control.

From Concept to Reality: Building the Panels

The construction of the pixel panels is a testament to creativity and engineering prowess. By custom-designing the panels and embedding the pixel lights, the team achieved a unique aesthetic that becomes the focal point of the stage. These panels, positioned both at the front of a platform and above it, bring a dynamic element to the stage, capable of displaying intricate patterns and animations.

Unleashing Creativity with MadMapper

Control and flexibility in design are paramount when working with pixel lighting. MadMapper software emerges as a powerful tool in this regard, allowing for the mapping and control of extensive arrays of pixel lights. Its compatibility with Art-Net protocol and the ability to manage numerous DMX universes make it an ideal choice for large-scale installations. The software’s intuitive interface enables designers to create and trigger intricate light scenes, elevating the overall stage presentation.

Seamless Integration with GrandMA2 and Playback

The integration doesn’t stop at lighting. By harnessing the power of midi commands, the system links with the GrandMA2 lighting console and playback from multitracks.com. This synergy allows for the synchronization of lighting with music tracks and click guides, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious performance. The midi commands facilitate real-time control, adapting the lighting to the flow of the performance and enhancing the immersive experience for the audience.


The incorporation of pixel lighting into stage design opens up a realm of possibilities for creative expression. The combination of Holidaycoro.com’s pixel lights and MadMapper software demonstrates the potential for technology to transform spaces into captivating visual experiences. This case study serves as inspiration for designers and technologists alike, encouraging the exploration of innovative solutions to elevate the aesthetic appeal of their projects.

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