Exploring ProPresenter: The Comprehensive Presentation Tool from Renewed Vision


In the world of multimedia presentations, ProPresenter, developed by Renewed Vision, stands out as a sophisticated and versatile tool. Widely used in various settings, from churches to concert venues, ProPresenter goes beyond the capabilities of standard presentation software, offering a range of features designed to enhance live events.

What is ProPresenter?

ProPresenter is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) lyric and media presentation package specifically designed to make high-quality live productions easy. It seamlessly displays lyrics, slides, and media, making it indispensable for worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, trade shows, and studio broadcasts.

Key Features of ProPresenter

1. Multi-Layered Architecture:

  • ProPresenter operates on a layer-based system, allowing users to independently control backgrounds, video layers, props, masks, and slides. This flexibility enables the creation of dynamic and visually appealing presentations.

2. High-Quality Video Playback:

  • The software supports a wide range of video formats and offers smooth playback, even in HD, ensuring a professional look for any production.

3. Flexible Output Options:

  • ProPresenter can output to multiple displays with different combinations of content at once, including multiple stage displays, each with its own unique content.

4. Advanced Audio Controls:

  • Users can control audio associated with videos or audio tracks, integrating seamlessly with the visual elements.

5. Dynamic Slide Capabilities:

  • Unlike typical presentation software that uses a linear slide approach, ProPresenter enables non-linear, dynamic slide access, facilitating spontaneous changes during live presentations.

6. Integration with Social Media:

  • ProPresenter can integrate social media feeds directly into presentations, making it ideal for interactive events and broadcasts.

7. Stage Display:

  • A separate stage display output allows for discreet cues and information visible only to those on stage.

8. Telestrator Functionality:

  • This feature allows drawing on slides in real-time, useful for annotations during live events.

9. Scripture Engine:

  • With a dedicated scripture engine, ProPresenter simplifies the inclusion of scripture passages by supporting various translations and quick searches.

10. Planning Center Integration:

For church services, ProPresenter integrates with Planning Center Online, allowing foreasy import of service plans and lyrics.

Applications of ProPresenter

  • Worship Services: ProPresenter is heavily utilized in churches for displaying song lyrics, sermon notes, scriptures, and announcements.
  • Concerts and Live Events: It’s used to display visuals, stage information, and manage live feeds.
  • Corporate Events: ProPresenter suits corporate needs for high-quality presentations and brand reinforcement.
  • Broadcast Television: The software is capable of keying over live video for broadcast-quality productions.
  • Educational Settings: Schools and universities use it for assemblies, lectures, and special events.


ProPresenter by Renewed Vision is more than just presentation software; it’s a comprehensive solution for live event production. Its wide array of features, combined with its ease of use and flexibility, makes it an essential tool for anyone looking to create dynamic and engaging live presentations. Whether for a small church service or a large-scale concert, ProPresenter offers the tools necessary to bring any event to life.

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