Creative Routing with Behringer Wing’s Four Mains

Mastering the Mains: A Deep Dive into the Behringer Wing’s Unique Features

The Behringer Wing mixing console has redefined the boundaries of live sound engineering with its innovative features and flexible routing capabilities. One of the standout features of this console is its approach to the main outputs, commonly referred to as “Mains.” Traditionally, the term “Mains” in live sound refers to the primary outputs used for the front-of-house speakers. However, the Behringer Wing takes this concept further by offering four separate Mains, allowing for a broader range of creative possibilities.

At its core, a Main on the Behringer Wing serves the conventional purpose of routing the mix to the front-of-house speakers. This setup typically involves a left and right stereo mix. However, the versatility of the Behringer Wing allows sound engineers to extend beyond the traditional setup. For instance, in a specific setup, Main 1 could be designated for the left-right mix, while Main 2 could be dedicated to subwoofers. This separation enables precise control over the subs, including the ability to process channels individually and decide which channels are routed to them.

Furthermore, the Behringer Wing’s Mains can function similarly to auxiliary buses. This feature permits sends on fader functionality, allowing for a completely separate mix within a Main. This capability is particularly useful for applications such as live streaming, where a mix distinct from the front-of-house is required. By treating Mains like buses, the Behringer Wing provides unparalleled flexibility in live sound mixing.

Routing a channel to a Main is straightforward on the Behringer Wing. For example, to assign Channel 1 to a Main, one would navigate to the channel’s routing options and select the desired Main. Each channel can be sent to any or all of the four Mains, with individual level control for each send. This granular control extends to the ability to flip to sends on fader, enabling an intuitive mixing experience within each Main.

The Behringer Wing’s approach to Mains exemplifies the console’s design philosophy: flexibility, creativity, and control. By reimagining the role of Mains and integrating bus-like functionality, the Wing offers sound engineers new avenues for crafting their soundscapes.

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