Maximizing Behringer P16 for Large Bands: Advanced Routing with the Wing

Advanced Routing with Behringer Wing: Maximizing P16 Mixers for Large Bands


Handling a large band with numerous vocalists and instruments can be challenging, especially when working with limited channels on personal mixers like the Behringer P16. This article explores an advanced routing setup using the Behringer Wing mixer and multiple stage snakes to optimize the use of P16 mixers for different musician groups.

Scenario: Large Band with Varied Monitoring Needs

Imagine a scenario with a large band, including eight vocalists, a full band, drum kit, tracks, click, and guides. With only 16 channels available on each P16 mixer, standard setups fall short. However, with a combination of wireless in-ear packs for some vocalists and P16s for others, plus P16s for the band, a clever routing solution can ensure all musicians receive the necessary mix.

Setup Requirements

This setup requires the Behringer Wing, multiple stage snakes, and several P16 personal mixers. The key is to have independent connections from the Wing to each stage snake, using AES-A and AES-B ports.

Routing for Vocalists and Band

  • Vocalists Group: Connect the first group of vocalists (using P16s) to the first stage snake. In the Wing’s output routing (AES-A), assign the first eight channels to these eight vocalists and include essential instruments like acoustic, keys, and rhythm sections, along with click and guide tracks.
  • Band Group: Connect the band’s P16 mixers to the second stage snake. In the Wing’s output routing (AES-B), include the first four vocalists (sufficient for the band’s monitoring) and every instrument, ensuring the band has access to the full mix.

Independent Routing Per Snake

This method allows for separate input routing for each snake, meaning the output routing for each group (vocalists and band) can be tailored to their specific needs, maximizing the 16-channel limit of the P16 mixers.


Using advanced routing techniques with the Behringer Wing and multiple stage snakes allows for efficient and customized monitor mixes, even in scenarios with large bands and limited personal mixer channels. This approach ensures that each group of musicians receives a mix that caters to their specific requirements, enhancing the overall performance.

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