Behind the Mixer: Real World Behringer Wing Layout/Setup

Mastering the Mix: Inside The River Church’s Behringer Wing Setup


The Behringer Wing mixer has revolutionized live sound mixing with its flexibility and comprehensive features. This article provides an in-depth look at how The River Church optimizes this powerful mixer for their dynamic worship services, offering insights that can be applied to various live sound environments.

Channel Configuration and User Layers

  • Vocal and Instrument Channels: The first 12 channels are dedicated to six wireless vocal mics and six instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, keys, and pads, arranged for optimal control.
  • Multitrack Playback: Utilizing Dante for seamless digital audio networking, channels 13 through 28 are allocated for playback tracks from, covering a range of instruments from piano to effects.
  • Pastor Mics and Auxiliary Inputs: Channels 37 to 40 are reserved for pastor mics and auxiliary inputs like ProPresenter audio, ensuring clear communication and multimedia integration during services.
  • User Layers for Flexibility: By customizing user layers, the sound engineer tailors the mixer layout to match the specific needs of each service, focusing on active channels and excluding unused ones for streamlined control.

DCA Groups and Bus Assignments

  • DCA for Comprehensive Control: The mixer utilizes DCA groups for overarching control over bands, tracks, effects, and pastor mics, allowing for quick adjustments without navigating individual channels.
  • Bus Utilization: Buses are strategically used for in-ear monitors, tracks, effects, and more, facilitating intricate mix management and personal monitoring solutions for musicians and speakers.

Advanced Features and External Processing

  • Snapshot and Snippet Utilization: Through the strategic use of snapshots and snippets, the mixer allows for preset configurations and parameter adjustments, making transitions between service segments smooth and efficient.
  • External Processing for Enhanced Audio: Selected channels are routed through external processing via Ableton and Waves plugins for advanced sound shaping, improving the quality of vocals and instruments while keeping the monitor mixes unaffected.


The River Church’s Behringer Wing setup exemplifies how modern digital mixers can be tailored to meet the unique demands of live sound environments. By leveraging user layers, DCA groups, and external processing, sound engineers can achieve a high-quality, dynamic mix that enhances the worship experience.

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