Channel Presets on the Behringer Wing: Quick Setup for Multiple Vocalists

Streamlining Vocal Mixes with Channel Presets on the Behringer Wing


Managing a large team of vocalists, especially in a dynamic setting like a church or performance venue, requires a mixer that offers both flexibility and precision. The Behringer Wing mixer, with its channel preset capabilities, presents an ideal solution. This article delves into how to create, save, and recall channel presets for vocalists, ensuring consistent sound quality and reducing setup time during rehearsals and performances.

Creating Channel Presets

  • Initial Setup: Begin by dialing in the EQ and compression settings for a vocalist. In this example, we adjust the EQ for Adeline, boosting at 4K and cutting at 1K, and set a heavy compression to accommodate her vocal range.
  • Saving the Preset: Once satisfied with the settings, navigate to the ‘Library’ and then ‘Channel Presets’ to save these settings. Ensure your Behringer Wing is updated to firmware 2.0 or later for this feature.
  • Naming the Preset: Label the preset clearly, for instance, “Adeline Vocal,” to easily identify it later. This preset is now stored in the mixer’s internal memory and can be recalled for any channel.

Recalling Channel Presets

  • Selecting the Channel: Choose the channel where you want to apply the preset. This could be a different channel from where the preset was originally created, offering flexibility in microphone assignments.
  • Loading the Preset: Return to the ‘Library’ and ‘Channel Presets,’ find the desired preset, and load it onto the selected channel. You have the option to recall specific aspects of the preset, such as EQ and Dynamics, without affecting other parameters like mute status or fader position.

Practical Applications

This process is particularly useful in environments with rotating vocal teams, where each vocalist has unique sound requirements. By creating and recalling presets, sound engineers can quickly set up for each vocalist, ensuring they sound their best with minimal adjustments required during live performances.


Channel presets on the Behringer Wing mixer offer an efficient way to manage complex vocal arrangements, making it easier to maintain high-quality sound with a diverse group of performers. By leveraging this feature, sound engineers can focus more on the art of mixing and less on repetitive setup tasks.

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