Quick Guide: Copying Bus Settings Across Behringer Wing


Achieving a consistent sound across multiple in-ear monitor mixes is crucial for live performances, ensuring each musician hears what they need for optimal performance. The Behringer Wing mixer offers a streamlined process for copying settings from one bus to another, making it easy to replicate EQ and compression settings across multiple mixes. This article walks through the process of copying these settings to enhance the in-ear monitoring experience.

Setting the Stage

  • Scenario: Managing six in-ear monitor mixes on buses 1 through 6 of the Behringer Wing, requiring uniform EQ and compression settings as a starting point for each mix.
  • Initial Setup: Dialing in desired EQ and compression settings on the first wireless in-ear monitor mix (Bus 1) and copying these settings to the remaining mixes (Buses 2 through 6).

Copying Bus Settings: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Accessing Bus Masters: Begin by selecting the Bus Master section to view all bus channels on the mixer.
  • Adjusting EQ Settings: For the first in-ear mix, adjust the EQ to eliminate low-end frequencies and boost certain frequencies for clarity, using exaggerated settings for demonstration purposes.
  • Setting Compression: Apply desired compression settings, adjusting the threshold, ratio, attack, and release to suit the in-ear mix requirements.
  • Copying Settings: Navigate to the ‘Tools’ menu on the mixer’s screen, select the source bus (Bus 1), and choose the attributes to copy (EQ and Dynamics). Then, select the destination buses (Buses 2 through 6) and execute the copy command.

Practical Considerations

  • Selective Copying: The mixer allows for selective copying of attributes, enabling sound engineers to copy only the necessary settings (e.g., EQ and compression) without altering other parameters.
  • Batch Copying: The process supports copying settings to multiple buses simultaneously, significantly reducing setup time for multiple in-ear monitor mixes.


Copying bus settings on the Behringer Wing mixer is an efficient method for establishing consistent baseline mixes for in-ear monitors. This feature not only saves valuable setup time but also ensures each musician receives a clear and personalized mix, contributing to a smoother performance.

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