Solving ATEM and Apple Connectivity Issues with Decimator MD HX

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The Decimator MD-HX has been out of stock for a while, in the mean time, the following will also work, including a 4K option:
Decimator MD-Cross
Decimator 12G-Cross 4k

Bridging the Gap: The Decimator MD HX in Modern AV Setups


In the evolving landscape of audiovisual (AV) technology, compatibility challenges between devices can hinder the seamless integration of systems. The Decimator MD HX emerges as a pivotal tool in addressing such challenges, particularly in setups involving newer Apple Mac products and Blackmagic ATEM switchers.

The Challenge

The transition from older to newer MacBook Pros and Mac Minis has introduced unforeseen hurdles in direct connectivity with Blackmagic ATEM switchers. This issue primarily revolves around signal compatibility, where the ATEM switchers struggle to recognize the output from these newer Mac devices, making direct input a challenge.

Decimator MD HX: The Solution

The Decimator MD HX serves as a signal converter, adeptly transforming the Mac’s output into a format compatible with Blackmagic ATEM switchers. This device not only ensures the signal is recognized but also maintains the integrity and quality of the output, leading to a hassle-free integration.

Why the Decimator MD HX Stands Out

  • Versatility: The Decimator MD HX supports a wide range of resolutions and formats, making it a versatile tool for various AV setups.
  • Reliability: It offers a consistent solution to signal compatibility issues, eliminating the need for complex workarounds or third-party software.
  • Simplicity: With plug-and-play functionality, it simplifies the setup process, allowing for quick and efficient integration.

Real-World Application

For AV professionals, event organizers, or anyone involved in live production, the Decimator MD HX proves invaluable. Whether it’s incorporating presentation slides, video playback, or any Mac-based media into live feeds, this device ensures seamless input into Blackmagic ATEM switchers, enhancing production quality and viewer experience.


The Decimator MD HX stands as a testament to the importance of adaptability in AV technology. By bridging the gap between newer Mac products and Blackmagic ATEM switchers, it exemplifies how targeted solutions can overcome compatibility challenges, paving the way for innovative and integrated AV setups.

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