Custom Drum Enclosure

We recently built a custom drum enclosure (drum cage) that is completely enclosed with a full glass front. We gathered ideas from others that have built similar enclosures and custom built this to our needs.


  • 100% Enclosed
  • Door Access
  • Insulated Walls
  • Insulated Ceiling
  • Dimmable Lighting
  • Built in fan (bathroom exhaust fan) in the floor with a second exit vent
  • Fork Lift Pockets
  • On Wheels
  • 7′ x 7′ platform, 6’4″ height
  • Reduces approx. 80% of sound from previous shield and foam ceiling.
  • Previous dB reading of 96dB down to 75dB at 75ft. away


11 replies on “Custom Drum Enclosure”

  1. Hi,
    i was wondering how thick u chose the glass to be ?
    we’re looking into building one like this….



  2. Solomon on

    Any chance I could get the plans used to build this and where you got the plexi from?

    • admin on

      Hello, there are no official plans but I would be happy to answer any questions. We got the plexi from a local sign company in Waterford, MI. Feel free to reach out at

  3. William on

    Where did you get the polycarbonate? I’m trying to source for a similar build for our church.

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