We, along with most churches, rely heavily on projection and multimedia these days. There are many different levels you can take it to, but in its simplest form, it’s text on a screen.

Why do this? Well, our primary purpose for displaying song lyrics and bible verses on the screen is to support and aid our worship leader and pastor. The fact is, some people will not know the words to the songs you are singing, and some people won’t bring a Bible to your service. As a technical team, providing this simply takes away a potential distraction and aids in people paying attention to the message that was carefully prepared for the day.

I get asked all the time the best way to do this. So I’m putting together a simple post on what we use and a small review of the product.

We use software called ProPresenter. You can see the program at This software used to only run on a Mac, however they just released a Windows version. Propresenter does a great job of incorporating all multimedia together and eliminating odd transitions or having to use older media formats. You can load in all songs, backgrounds, pictures and videos. It also has a built in Bible. It even has a built in DVD player for cueing DVDs if necessary. All of these components can be streamlined into a playlist for smooth display. A few other neat features are a message display function for nursery workers, a stage confidence monitor for the band (showing them what’s on the screen and what’s next) and a built in countdown clock. There are many plug-ins and other features if you are looking for more in-depth options.

We find Propresenter to be a very solid program and does everything we need it to do.

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