Wowza Amazon EC2 Filezilla FTP Access

To access your wowza install on an amazon ec2 server using Filezilla FTP, you will need the *.pem key pair file that you downloaded when setting up your server. If you didn’t create a key pair and download the file, you will need to do... Read more →

Wowza 4 – Amazon EC2 Initial Setup

This assumes you will be using a DEVPay license, and you already have an amazon DEVPay account setup. Wowza has recently released a new version of their streaming server, “Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0”. There are many updates and... Read more →

Wowza and Wirecast – Software Encoder

There are several ways to get your live stream into your Wowza Streaming Server. We are currently using Telestream Wirecast. Link This software is not free, but it does work well. The main difference between wirecast and others like Flash Live... Read more →

Skit – Little People

We get to do a lot of fun skits. This is from one of our Marriage Conferences, it’s called “Little People”. It takes four people – two people behind the curtain are the hands, and the people that you see use their hands... Read more →

Wowza, Live Streaming and Android

I use Wowza Media Server on a weekly basis to stream our church gathering’s, along with an Amazon EC2 server to run it. I’ve written several posts on how to make that happen. I’ve been struggling getting the stream to work... Read more →
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