Custom Drum Enclosure

We recently built a custom drum enclosure (drum cage) that is completely enclosed with a full glass front. We gathered ideas from others that have built similar enclosures and custom built this to our needs. Features: 100% Enclosed Door Access Insulated... Read more →

Wowza Amazon EC2 Filezilla FTP Access

To access your wowza install on an amazon ec2 server using Filezilla FTP, you will need the *.pem key pair file that you downloaded when setting up your server. If you didn’t create a key pair and download the file, you will need to do... Read more →

Wowza 4 – Amazon EC2 Initial Setup

This assumes you will be using a DEVPay license, and you already have an amazon DEVPay account setup. Wowza has recently released a new version of their streaming server, “Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0”. There are many updates and... Read more →

Wowza and Wirecast – Software Encoder

There are several ways to get your live stream into your Wowza Streaming Server. We are currently using Telestream Wirecast. Link┬áThis software is not free, but it does work well. The main difference between wirecast and others like Flash Live... Read more →

Skit – Little People

We get to do a lot of fun skits. This is from one of our Marriage Conferences, it’s called “Little People”. It takes four people – two people behind the curtain are the hands, and the people that you see use their hands... Read more →
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