Wowza Media Server and Flash Live Media Encoder


There are several ways you can get your live content to a Wowza Media Server. We use Flash Live Media Encoder. Link (Update: We no longer use Flash Live Media Encoder, and now use Wirecast)

We use it mainly because it’s free. It does require a computer, and a way to get your video content into your computer, which we already had. There are other hardware options that can be purchased, and then a computer is not needed.

In our scenerio, we use the following:

1. Apple Mac Mini

2. Grass Valley ADVC-110

3. Flash Live Media Encoder (Software)

In Flash Live Media Encoder, you select your inputs for video and audio, select your video and audio quality settings, and then input your FMS URL and stream name. We use an Amazon EC2 server to run Wowza, so our FMS URL is rtmp://ec2-url:1935/live. Make sure port 1935 is open on your server for this to work. The stream name can be anything, but you will reference it when you display your stream on your website.


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