Amazon EC2 Startup Package Basics

*Please note: This tutorial now only works with Wowza versions prior to 4.0.

Amazon EC2 Servers provide an option at startup to use a startup package. This allows you to run scripts, install/change files and more during the startup process, to automate certain tasks.

In some of my other EC2 tutorials, I’ve used and referenced startup packages. Here is a basic one that I use with a little explanation. (download here)


This XML file does two things, installs a folder (copies files) and runs a script. The script is part of the default startup package provided by wowza, I’ve taken their default startup and added to it. In the Wowza folder, is also some of their default items, but I’ve added a modified “VHost.xml” file. The modifications I’ve made to this file allow access to the connectioncounts xml, for viewing how many people are viewing the live stream without providing a password.

The wowza folder in this packageĀ mimicsĀ the wowza folder on the server, and anything you place in the startup package will overwrite the server version on launch. *note: the startup package must be under 16kb, however there is a method to download other scripts within this script, to get around the limit.

-Wowza default startup packages
Inside Wowza Startup Packages by Ian Beyer

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